måndag 4 maj 2020

måndag 24 februari 2020

Riley Yamaha Racing Team 2020

I`m really happy to say that I will race for Riley Yamaha for 2020 !!

Thanks Olof for giving me this opportunity , we will make 2020 a great year together !!

måndag 20 januari 2020

tisdag 8 oktober 2019

Second place for Sweden and me i Coupe de làvenir

Hi guys,
So the last race of the season is over and as usual it’s a de nations race, this time I got picked to ride coupe de l'avenir a race in Belgium. I always enjoy racing for my country and against and with my teammates. This time I really enjoyed it and it was a great way to finish of the season.
The team riders in the open category was me on a 250, Albin Gerhardson on a 250 and Marcus Gredinger on 125. The team was strong, to bad we didn’t have a 450 rider but we had a good team.

Saturday: Saturday is qualifying day and it started of with free practice where I was fastest. The track was in perfect conditions and I had so much fun. Then we had time qualifying: where I posted fastest lap time but with one lap to go I got beaten buy a 450 rider with 0.04 seconds.. anyway felt really comfortable. Also team Sweden qualified as 1st for the qualifying race. Then we had the first race of the weekend, qualifying race. I made a decent start around 10th then charged as good as I could to get myself up to 3rd, wasn’t to happy about that but anyway my team mates did good and we had once again 1st position going into tomorrow’s finals. Good day, i had fun and my speed at this track is great comparing with the 450 guys!

Sunday: the rain was pouring down this morning and on the free practice. Just cruised around and checking lines for the races. Track was muddy but I kind of saw it to our favor as I’m good in those conditions.

Race 1: I lined up in 13th as 2nd in my team. Our gate positions was 1st, 13th, 25th. I made a decent start but got in trouble in the first turn as someone got stuck in my bike, so I was of way back in the pack.. but my speed this race was no joke as I charged my way up to first and then gaping the lead with about 20 seconds until the last lap where I got in trouble trying to pass a lap rider and crashing quite hard and struggled to get the bike running again. But I did get it running but at that time I had already been passed back to second. Really disappointed about that last laps because it cost me the overall title as coupe de l'avenir individual champion.

Race 2: track was better this time around almost perfect again. As I made a better start this time and was around 3rd passing up front early but getting passed by a 450 rider and I had nothing to say his speed was to good so I settled for 2nd with an easy and steady ride for some valuable points for team Sweden.

Race 3: going into the last race team Sweden was on top leading but closely followed by Norway and Belgium. Also me in the individual class was leading with 4p and second had 5p. I wasn’t that nervous as I knew my speed is good but it’s not to much to say about the 450 guys. For the team it was now up to my teammates to make this work or not. I did a great start and I was inside top 5 got up to 2nd then got passed back down to 3rd as the hard charging 450 rider was on another level. But then I passed to 2nd to finish there of. To bad that 450 guy one as we now for the overall was tied on points with me on 2,2,2 = 6p and him 4,1,1 = 6p and he would get the overall because he had the best race result. I’m sad I couldn’t win but I’m happy with my riding anyway and I did my absolute best. 

Now for team Sweden my teammates didn’t do as good as we had in mind and that cost us the overall de nations win but we finished on a strong 2nd place. 
I’m now on my way home and I’m happy about my performance and I think it was a great way to finish of the season. I would like to thank everyone who has been helping me out this season and I now have new plans for next year. And I think it’s going to be great. I hope everything will soon get clear so I can inform you guys on my plans for the upcoming season, but now I will enjoy some offseason and take it easy for once in a while, maybe try to get everything under control in school... wish me luck! 

Best regards/ Tim 

onsdag 18 september 2019

3 overall Swedish championship

Now the mxsm season is over. It ended in Tibet for the last round of racing. With only two Motos. I was 3rd In the championship, 20p up til second and 20p down to 4th. So I had decent possibility’s to finish of strong after all small breakdowns.

As Tibro is the track where I go training every day with my school it felt really good going in because I knew I was really fast there. And before the race I felt confident and happy, taking it easy with my friends and feeling no stress or any nerves. So that was nice.
 Then the day started of with free practice only because we went to the gate in the championship order. So on the free practice I felt so good I was happy the track was prime and I made a sick fast lap to end up 2 just 0.2 after 1st Alvin Östlund but we were 2 seconds faster than anyone else. So that was cool.

Race one: mad a terrible start, was outside top 15 then pushed my way fast up to 6th then made some passes up to 4th but the track was already nasty and I pushed my all in the beginning so I was tired. And got passed in the last lap to finish the race in 5th. Really disappointed because I knew I had a lot more to give.

Race two: made a better start was around 5th made a awesome first lap passing a lot of fast guys to be in the lead, then leading about 10 min if the race until I got passed then some minutes later got passed again but I stepped up the game and found some new lines to pass right back up to 2nd with just one lap to go. So I finished second just 5 seconds after the lead. I was happy with my riding and fighting.
Overall: P.3 for the day. Happy to be on the box for the last round. And having a great last moto!

Also finished up in 3rd in the championship. That was one of the goals and now I can set a new goal for next season to be even higher up on the box! I’ve had a decent year, to bad I’ve missed out on two races with dnf but it’s how it is I learn from my mistakes and fight back to be better.

I now have one more race. Coupe de l'avenir for team Sweden. In 2 weeks time, after that I will start a new journey, where my goals is big and I will do my best to beat them.
I will try to keep you guys updated on what’s going to happen!  

I would also like to thank you for all the help, support & support from you all, THANKS !!
And I really hope you will continue to help me in 2020 too!?

// Tim Edberg #26

måndag 9 september 2019

Swedish junior champion 2019

Hi everyone,

Great weekend at the last round of Juniors Swedish championship where I clinched the title winning all races except one where I finished second. 

Perfect championship. Also this time around at the last race I finished strong qualifying in 3rd.
First Moto I made a decent start took over the lead in the first lap and won the race with +32 seconds! 

And Moto two I diden`t made a perfect start (7-8) but got up to the lead quite fast then held on to the win with a decent gap. 

I’m really happy to win almost every race and also the title. I now hope for another good weekend next weekend to finish of on the overall podium In the Swedish championship i Tibro also!

Thanks to everyone for your support!

// Tim #26